Worshops for the Students

FELT School invites students to attend a series of workshops organized in the framework of the International Day to Fight Poverty, that is celebrated worldwide on the 17th of October.

Monday, October 18,  12:30- 13:30

  • Developing Children’ s  Social, Emotional and Behavioural Skills.
  • Applying the SEBS Model in the Englsh Language Classroom.

Tuesday, October 19,  14:00-15:00

  • Writing a CV
  • Writing a Cover Letter

Thursday, October 21, 14:00- 15:00

  • Writing a Project Proposal

All the workshops will be organized at the FELT School office (A. Russo University, 4th building, 1st floor, room 410).

Participate at these workshops and build the skills you need to become competent and confident on the job market!

The workshops are organized as part of the compain “Fighting Poverty through Education” that will be launched by Continuing Education Center on the 15th of October at A. Russo Balti University.

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