Working with FELT at the School for Orphan Children in Balti

Working with FELT at the School for Orphan Children in Balti was a very memorable experience. The children were all so eager to learn and participate in the activities. The children were excited to learn new vocabulary about parts of the body and they quickly memorized several new words and their meanings. This was a […]

Encouraging the Pupils to Give Feedback to their Teacher

Twelve children from the 6th grade from a school for orphan children from Balti have participated in a series of  interactive activities that were organised by the members  FELT School in partnership collaboration with David Norton, English Language Fellow at A. Russo University and the School for Orphan Children from Balti. The children were taught […]

Teaching journalism to curious students

Lindsay Toler, a journalist and Peace Corps volunteer, shares her experience teaching as part of IEW 2010. Today, I helped the FELT School teach vocabulary and grammar about journalism to nine students. As a working journalist, I loved showing the students how to talk in English about the work I do. Because this week is […]

A Demarat Săptămîna Internaţională a Educaţiei

La data de 15 noiembrie 2010 a fost lansată Săptămîna Internaţională a Educaţiei. Evenimentul a avut loc la Facultatea de Limbi şi Literaturi Străine, Universitatea A. Russo din Balţi şi este organizat în parteneriat cu A.O. “Centrul pentru Educaţie Continua”, Balti în cadrul celei dea 3-lea ediţii a proiectului cunoscut sub denumirea de FELT School, […]

International Education Week at FELT School

Continuing Education Center, Balti will organize the IEW in the framework of its FELT School 2010  in partnership collaboration with The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature, A. Russo University American Scholar (English Language Fellow) Peace Corps Volunteers the Theoretical High -school Balauresti The School for Orphan Children, Balti The beneficiaries of these events will […]