Encouraging the Pupils to Give Feedback to their Teacher

Twelve children from the 6th grade from a school for orphan children from Balti have participated in a series of  interactive activities that were organised by the members  FELT School in partnership collaboration with David Norton, English Language Fellow at A. Russo University and the School for Orphan Children from Balti.

The children were taught how to give feedback to the teacher and how to work and play cooperatively; to compete fairly and win and lose with dignity and respect for competitors. These activities are part of a larger course targeted to support violence reduction and improve behaviour for learning in the schools.

Two Felt School volunteers, Colesnic Nicolina and Copacinschi Cristina, had the possibility to observe the lesson and see how to promote emotional and behavioural skills in the EL classroom.

The children enjoyed reading, listening and singing activities organised by David Norton and Daniela Murgulet.

The event was organised on the 19th of Novermber 2010 in the framework of the Inernational Education Week 2010.

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