Call for Applications

Having the audacity to challenge constraints and problem-solve for tomorrow starts today, and it starts with you.

 University lecturers and  senior lecturers are invited to contribute to the organizing of the 5th edition of FELT School by applying for the following position: Member of the Organizing Committee from the behalf of the  English Philology Department, A. Russo University.

 Main Responsibilities:

• Participate in the training workshops organized for the implementation team in September-October 2012 and discuss, translate, improve and approve the FELT School Strategic Development Plan for the years 2012-2015;

• Actively participate in planning and organizing of the 1 week ELT summer school (20-26 august, 2012) by elaborating and approving the ELT curriculum for primary learners; (Supervising the students during the ELT summer school– is optional);

•  Participate in the elaboration of the FELT School Action Plan for the academic year  2013-2014;

• Create the Evaluation Committee and elaborate the guidelines of evaluating the volunteering activities organized by the volunteering students as part of the ELT summer school and FELT School in general and submit the project proposal for approval to the English Philology Department,  and the Counsel of Foreign Language Faculty,  A. Russo University;

• Develop the policy of recognizing the teachers’ contribution to FELT School and submit it for approval to the English Philology Department, A. Russo University;

• Organize the Evaluation Interview on Student Teaching in collaboration with the members of the organizing committee from the partner institutions, evaluate their teaching portfolio and nominate the students who will be awarded the FELT School certificate;

• Assist in organizing the 2nd edition of the symposium: Volunteering as a Way of Professional Development and Active Citizenship (February 2013);

Important :

Each person will work a minimum of 30 hours as part of the FELT school  during the period May 2012 – February  2013.

Deadline for application: 12 April 2012 ( 9.00 a.m.)

Interested EL teachers are invited to submit their CV to the following email:   with the subject:Your Name/CV/Organizing Committee.

Thank you!

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