Call for volunteers

Project:FELT School , 5th edition                                                                       Place: A.Russo Balti State University and the partner schools

The association “Continuing Education Center”

in collaboration with the English Philology Department, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature, A. Russo Balti State University

is pleased to announce the call for applicants for the 5th edition of FELT School.

Join our school  in order to:

  • Observe an experienced teacher promoting an EL lesson;
  • Access EL textbooks, courses, CDs and other resources for primary learners;
  • Plan EL lessons with a Moldovan or American teacher;
  • Hold EL lessons with an experienced teacher as well as individually;
  • Receive a constructive feedback on the classes you teach;
  • Attend a training course and build leadership skills;
  • Find out about volunteer’s rights and receive a certificate of participation and a volunteer’s card;

Our aim is to promote volunteering as a way of professional development and active citizenship by organising a series of activities which are entirely free:

  • there are no admission fees;
  • the volunteer’s package offers you ELT resources and classroom supplies to help you start developing your EL teaching portfolio;
  • A committed Moldovan and American staff is involved in making this possible by providing support in planning the lessons, supervising the students, giving you a constructive feedback;
  • Volunteering students will  work with 2nd, 5th and 6th graders and will develop EL teaching skills;

Who Can Participate:

  • 3rd year students and MA students, future English language teachers from A. Russo University;
  • Students currently studying at various faculties and at a specialty entitling them to become EL teachers in the future ( for example: a specialty in French and English Education, or Russian and EL Education, Computer  Science and EL Teaching, Primary Education and EL Teaching, EL Teaching and German Language Teaching, etc.)

Interested students  are invited to send us an email to the following address: and provide us the following information: First name and surname, place and date of birth, studies (University, Faculty, specialty, year, group), & contact data (current place of residence, home telephone, mobile telephone, email).

Deadline for application: 25 September 2012.

We will send you detailed information about the FELT school  program via the email and will inform you about the results of the application process.

If you have any questions or suggestions , please contact us via the email:

Kind regards,

FELT School team

The 5th edition of the FELT School is financially supported due to the grants awarded by the US Embassy in Chisinau ($3152), Liechtenstein Development Service ($3934) and  Community Contributions from the Partner Institutions.

“This event is organized due to the kind contribution of the American people through the United States Department of State. The association “Continuing Education Center” holds responsibility for the content of this program and the content doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions of the United State Department of State or of the Government of the United States of America”.

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