Co- teaching activities for EL teachers and the primary learners

In April 2016, co- teaching activities for primary learners were organised for two groups of 2nd form pupils from Glodeni and Cainarii Vechi.

The activities were organised due to the motivation of the local EL teachers to get involved in projects which help them improve their ELT skills and the administration of these institutions who welcomed activities of professional development for the beginner teachers as well as extracurricular activities for the primary learners.

The pupils participated in interactive learning and evaluation activities. Two pupils from each school will participate in our annual summer school for primary learners.

We would like to express our appreciation for the fruitful collaboration to the Lyceum “Vasile Coroban” from Glodeni and the Gymnasium “Andrei Porcescu” from Cainarii Vechi, as well as to the local EL teachers, Mrs. Catalina Babuci, Mrs. Liudmila Mandatari, Mr. Vasile Cebotari.


The co-teaching activities are targeted to improve the ELT capacity at the local schools and are organised in the framework of the FELT School project due to the kind financial support of the Foundation “Liechtenstein Development Service”.

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