FELT School Teaching Internship

The teaching internship program is designed for English language teachers who are currently employed by a state institution and who seek an alternative opportunity to continue their professional development.

The internship is organised in the framework of the FELT School project which is implemented with the kind financial support of the Foundation “Liechtenstein Development Service”.

Interns teach in areas of:

English for primary learners (primary school level)

English for Specific Purposes (vocational schools specialised in gastronomy)


Subjects covered by the teaching internship

English for primary learners, 2nd form

English for primary learners, 3rd form

English for primary learners, 4th form

ESP, English for VET school students (students from the following specialties: waiters, bartenders, cooks, pastry cooks)

ESP, English for VET school candidates (9th form pupils)

Interns have from 3 months to a year-long working contract with a FELT School partner school. Your local school can become a partner institution in the framework of the project as well.

Upon completion of a teaching internship at the local level, teachers will be able to apply to a short – term (or summer school) teaching internship abroad.

In addition, interns will participate in pre-service training and a series of TDP activities and summer schools.

Internship Program Benefits:

  • Supplement your income while attending a teacher development program;
  • Improve ELT skills by attending workshops, online planning sessions, feedback sessions and other activities to support your professional development;
  • Engage in sessions of evaluating and improving your ELT portfolio;
  • Develop a collegial-support network to enrich your teaching skills and learn from a team of teachers who will also support you during your internship experience;
  • Provide a model collaboration between state institutions and NGOs aiming to promote quality education for pupils from rural areas from the Republic of Moldova.


Steps for Applying to the Internship Program:

1. Apply for FELT School Teacher Internship:


2.Submit the following documents via email: CV and letter of intention describing how you could be a successful intern.

3. Before starting the Internship Program, you must meet the following requirements

1. Complete or be enrolled in our course “Project-based Learning”, submit developed documents during the course and having 50% of your documents approved by the FELT School team by 12 June 2016;

2. Evaluate your ELT portfolio for the subject you are applying (the evaluation form will be emailed to the candidates after receiving the application form).

3. Submit a letter from the behalf of your local school confirming the request for your extracurricular activities (for teachers who wish to organize extracurricular activities in ELT at their local school):


4. Parent’s agreement for each student who attends the after school program or the extracurricular activities in English.



  • Candidates who need to receive or defend their teaching degree within the next two years;
  • Candidates who are eager to organize extracurricular activities in English for the pupils from their local school;
  • Candidates who can work as short- term substitute teachers at an appointed partner school;
  • Candidates who have previous working or training experience in the framework of the FELT School project;
  • Joint applications for the same subject (two teacher from the same school or from different schools);
  • Short term contracts for women who are currently on a maternity leave and their child is more than 2 years;

Deadline for applications: 1 May 2016

For further information, contact us via email: apply.felt.school@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Question

How many pupils should be in a group? > Minimum 10 pupils for primary learners, minimum 8 for 9th form pupils. 

How will teachers receive the money? > direct transfer on their card on the basis of a contract and monthly report (simple table format, fill in template).




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