Call for applications: FELT Summer School 2016

Continuing Education Center is looking for participants to the FELT Summer School “Teaching English to Primary Learners”.

Activities for EL teachers:

  • ELT workshops
  • Developing your ELT portfolio by receiving free ELT resources
  • Lesson planning
  • Observation sessions
  • Teaching English to primary learners (2nd and 3rd form pupils)
  • Contribute to organising assessment sessions
  • Feedback session
  • Teambuilding and activities of personal development
  • Recorded ELT lessons and self- assessment


The English course for the primary learners, 2nd form, includes the following activities:

  • Flashcard based teaching – learning – assessment activities;
  • English through cartoons and multimedia resources;
  • English though games, chants and songs;
  • Energizers, activities of personal development, contests and fun activities;

The English course for the primary learners, 3rd form, includes the following activities:

  • English through cartoons and multimedia resources;
  • English through plays;
  • My Vacation Travel Journal;
  • Greek Mythology for Kids;
  • Children’s Storytelling Contest;
  • Energizers, activities of personal development, contests and fun activities;


How can you participate?

Round 1: Active participation

by attending all the ELT activities organized in partnership with the Lyceum G. Cosbuc from Balti.

Dates: 11 – 16 June 2016

We provide the meals and accommodation in a dormitory for free and reimburse your travel expenses up to 200 lei. (Variant 1)

We provide the meals and reimburse your daily travel expenses up to 100 lei if you don’t want to book accommodation in the dormitory. (Variant 2)

For participants from EU institutions we provide the meals, accommodation and reimburse the travel expenses up to 200 Euro.

Deadline for applications: 4th June, 2016

Application Procedure:

Interested applicants should apply on line:


 The draft schedule is available here:

FELT Summer School By-law:


Round 2: Passive participation

by submitting the lesson plans for Module 1, Lessons 1- 6 which were implemented during the academic year 2015 – 2016 in the 2nd form at your local school and attending a two days training session, sharing good teaching practices, improving the lesson plans and integrating a diversity of ELT resources received  (for free) during the summer school.

The copy of the plans should be signed by the school representatives responsible for monitoring the ELT process at your local school and sent by regular mail (recommended option, preferably). The lesson plans may be typed or handwritten. Copies which are difficult to read or come as a bad copy will not be accepted.


Balti (for the teachers from the northern part of Moldova);

Chisinau (for the teachers from the central and southern part of Moldova).

Dates: End of August or September, depending on teacher’s choice.

We provide the meals and reimburse your daily travel expenses up to 120 lei.

Application Procedure:

Interested applicants should apply on line:

and should submitting the lesson plans to the following address: A. O. “Centrul pentru Educaţie Continuă” , str. Sf. Nicolai 1/26, mun. Bălţi 3100, RM.

Deadline for submitting the lesson plans:

  • 30th June, 2016 (up to 100 – 150 candidates will be recruited);
  • 31st July, 2016 (up to 50 candidates will be recruited);
  • 15th august, 2016 (up to 30 candidates will be recruited);



Teacher currently involved in the FELT School Teaching Internship Programme can also apply to the summer school.


During the evaluation sessions, minimum two teachers will be recruited to visit a Greek state or private school and co – teach English to a target group of primary learners (5 days in 2016).

 The FELT School project is implemented with the financial support of the Foundation “Liechtenstein Development Service”.

EL Teaching Internship in Greece

Enthusiastic to share the ELT flashcards with the primary learners from Greece, I started collaboration activities with the 11th Primary School of Piraeus, Greece in the framework of FELT School project. From the 9th to the 13th of May 2016, I had the opportunity to meet the teachers and the pupils from the given institution, implement two sets of ELT flashcards during the EL lessons for the 1st – 4th form pupils as well as meet the 5th and 6th form pupils and discuss about the Greek and Moldovan schools and lifestyle.

What a treat it was to be accepted on a short visit at the 11th Primary School of Piraeus! The school setting gave me the impression that the given experience was a true journey through different periods of Greek history. Appealing paintings, figurines, children’s drawings and school projects expose the visitors to the Cycladic culture, Minoan culture and the legendary gods living in the shining palace on top of the Mount of Olympus. They also lead you to the classical era of Greece, while the icons reveal the Orthodox faith and values of Greek people.

The teachers were so generous and hospitable sharing teaching practices, discussing school projects, co-teaching English classes, sharing cups of lovely herbal tea and Greek cookies, inviting me for an evening stroll to the magnificent monument of the ancient world and the symbol of the city of Athens, the Acropolis, treating me to a delicious Greek dinner, spending time together, connecting, building stronger relationships and discussing opportunities of further collaboration.

We aim to extend our collaboration activities and initiate short- term teaching internships, share ELT flashcards with the Greek pupils, invite teachers to our summer schools in ELT and elaborate an English course on Greek mythology which will be piloted in the framework of the summer school in 2016.

What about the pupils? The children welcomed me with open arms, participated joyfully in the flashcard based activities and shared drawings and cuddly hugs. “The lesson using the flashcard set “The Legend of the English Vowels” with the 4th form pupils was a success!” said Mrs.Stergiani Matsagani, one of the local EL teachers.

I felt so blessed to have visited this school and I am so excited to continue our collaboration in ELT for primary learners in partnership with the 11th Primary School of Piraeus.

I would like to thank Mrs. Martinou Aggeliki, the school principal, for providing me the opportunity to visit the primary school and exchange teaching practices with the Greek teachers. I would like to express my gratitude to all the local teachers and send my kind regards to Mrs.Stergiani Matsagani, Mrs. Helen and Mrs. Aikaterini Kantourou for the fruitfull collaboration and the amazing week at their school.

I would like to thank the Foundation “Liechtenstein Development Service” for providing the necessary funds to develop ELT resources and implement them in different schools from Moldova and the primary school from Greece.

(D. Murgulet, FELT School Project Coordinator)