Visit from a Greek Primary School

The FELT Summer School had a great pleasure to have as special guests Mrs. Angeliki Martinou and Mrs. Aikaterini Kantourou from the 11th State Primary School of Piraeus, Greece for four days in Balti, Moldova. The aim of the visit was to meet our project staff, visit our summer school partners, observe demo lessons, provide feedback, attend the summer school evaluation session and plan an exchange visit for a group of EL teachers and pupils from Moldova to the Greek primary school. Besides the EL demo lessons, Mrs. Angeliki Martinou, the school principal, and Mrs. Aikaterini Kantourou, local EL teacher, joined one of our dancing lessons and enjoyed the traditional Moldovan clothing and dances.


Our honoured guests attended the summer school evaluation session. They talked to the children about their learning experience during the summer school which was based on the English course books from Moldova, Greece and Oxford publications. Gutu Loredan was the first pupil recruited to participate in the exchange visit to the primary school from Piraeus.

We also made sure that our Dear Friends catch a glimpse of Moldova and on the way to Balauresti Lyceum, one of the partner schools, we visited Curchi monastery, Cricova winery, and Hincu Monastery.

We hope that Mrs. Angeliki Martinou and Mrs. Aikaterini Kantourou was able not only to positively evaluate our summer school structure and results, but also, to meet the Moldovan culture, our lifestyle, and cuisine. We believe that this visit will tighten the relationship between our countries in scope of the educational projects that our association implements with the financial support of the Foundation “Liechtenstein Development Service”.

Thank you dear Mrs. Angeliki Martinou and dear Mrs. Aikaterini Kantourou, it was a pleasure to have you here with us!


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