Book Donation

We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to Mrs. Anna Chiarenza, Mrs. Piera Parisi and Mrs. Rita Santagati, EL teachers at the I.P.S.S.E.O.A Karol Wojtila in Catania, and Mr. Panagiotis Tsoumanis, director at the 1st Second Chance School of Korydallos, Greece for the kind book donation to the FELT School Project.

We appreciate your effort to share so many books in teaching ESP to the VET school students and ELT to the primary learners. This collection will help us improve our EL courses, extracurricular activities for the pupils and our teacher training courses.


Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Due to this, we are able to filfill our objectives in improving the quality of teaching ESP courses and contributing to the professional development of EL teachers from Moldova.

Thank you very much for your support.

Daniela Murgulet,

from the behalft of the the FELT School Team and EL teachers from the partner schools


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