Job-shadowing at IPSSEOA K. Wojtyla, Catania

În perioada 20 – 24 februarie 2017 trei profesori de limba engleză și un elev din Moldova au participat la vizita de schimb la instițuția parteneră, IPSSEOA “K. Wojtyla” din Catania, Italia.

Scopul activității a fost de a oferi oportunități de dezvoltare profesională pentru profesori și elevi ai școlilor profesionale care activează în domeniul gastronomiei.


In the period of 20-24 February 2017 three English language teachers and a student from Moldova participated in the exchange visit at  IPSSEOA “K. Wojtyla” from Catania, Italy.

The exchange visit was targeted to offer job-shadowing activities for the English language teachers and students interested in ESP, and namely English for Gastronomy.

Daniela Murgulet, FELT School project coordinator, Veronica Cazacu, project assistant, Morari Doina, English language teacher at the Center of Exccellence in Food Proccessing Services, Vuico Critian, student at the vocational school number 2 from Chisinau participated in this training programme.

This was a great capacity building activity as it provided the opportunity to observe experienced English language teachers during the lessons, to teach English to Italian students, to make presentations about Moldovan dishes and wineries, to participate in cooking workshops, gastronomic tours, a wine tasting masterclass and take pictures for future ESP resources.

The exchange visit was a great tool for learning and networking. The Moldovan participants have worked in a team of professionals, under the supervision and in collaboration with 12 experienced teachers and enthusiastic students from IPSSEOA K. Wojtyla.

The outputs of this exchange visit inlude the following:

  • The EL teachers from Moldova are prepared to teach topics on Sicilian gastronomy;
  • new lesson plans, photos, videos, observation notes on topics related to English for gastronomy are developed;
  • a book donation and Power Point presentations shared by the teachers from IPSSEOA K Wojtyla, Catania;
  • a follow up training and other exchange opportunities for the EL teachers from the vocational schools from Moldova;

The exchange visit was organised in the framework of the FELT School project with the financial support of the Foundation “Liechtenstein Development Service” and the partner school – IPSSEOA K. Wojtyla from Catania.



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