ELT Workshop

On the 6-7 May 2017, an ELT workshop was organised for the EL teachers who have previously worked in the framework of the FELT School project.

The programme included teambuilding activities, demo lessons on teaching reading skills to the 2nd and 4th form pupils via a guided reading course or extracurricular activities.

The second form pupils could demonstate such skills as reading a passsage and drawing a graphic organiser of the given passage, paraphasing, asking and answering questions and retelling a passage.

The 4th form pupils could demonstrate such reading skills as: reading, doing reading comprehension quizzes in Kahoot, paraphrasing, summarising and retelling a given chapter. The exercises were based on a story adapted from the classical play “Hamlet” by W. Shakespeare.

Another new activity that has recently been launched in the framework of our project is developing ELT flashcards in English for the very young learners. Therefore, a demo lesson was organised and the teachers could observe and discuss recources, techniques and results of the demo lesson as well as the opportunities to extend such a course in other villages and towns from Moldova.

We are glad to share two videos from the given workshop.

An overview of the training with photos from each activity (1)  and the video where the 4th form pupils are retelling Hamlet by W. Shakespeare (2):


The training was organised in the framework of FELT School project with the kind financial support of the foundation “Liechtenstein Development Service”.

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