Launching the ELT Internship

On the 5th of October 2017, the Internship “Teaching English to Primary Learners” 2017 will be launched.

Place: it will be confirmed soon

Enjoy this special event and this unique continuous professional development opportunity.

Special guests on the 5th of October: Mrs Angeliki Martinou, headmaster, and Mrs Maria Mexi, English language teacher at the  11th State Primary School from Piraeus, Greece, where some of our flashcards have been piloted as well.

The internship will be launched in several rounds. Each round will focus on 2 modules. 5-10 teachers will be accepted in each round. New schools are encouraged to apply. For example, we have not been to Anenii Noi yet, but we would really be glad to work with teachers from new schools as well.

Eligible candidates:

  • English language teachers from Moldova currently teaching 2nd form pupils, no previous experience of working as part of the FELT School project is required;
  • English language teachers who have previously worked in the framework of the FELT School project and have piloted the ELT flashcards;
  • MA students from A. Russo Balti State University, future EL teachers.


Main responsibilities:

  • to attend the workshops for the teachers, learn how to integrate the flashcards in the teaching process of minimum 2 modules and find partners to co-teach English at the local level;
  • organize extracurricular activities for the 2nd form pupils and train the pupils to build up meta-cognitive skills by using the flashcards to play interactive games, learn the new vocabulary and practice the new grammar structures in the context of model dialogues;
  • organize demo lessons for the parents and inform them about the opportunity their children have to learn English via playing flashcard games;
  • make video recordings during the demo lessons to provide evidence of the achieved results and also to recognize the teacher’s contribution in promoting learner-centered teaching strategies at their local school;

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply using this link:





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