HTHCE Project: Call for Participants

The association ‘Continuing Education Center’ is pleased to announce a call for partner schools from Moldova which will join the High Tech High Content English (HTHCE) Project.

HTHCE aims to contributed to

  • increase the extracurricular activities in guided reading in English for the 4th and 6th form pupils from the partner schools,
  • integrate the use of  online tools and social media in the classroom,
  • encourage student-generated course content and emphasyse self-directed learning as a strategy to embrace learner centered approaches in teaching.

The project is implemented in collaboration with the 11th State Primary School of Piraeus, Greece.


Project Outputs

An online educational platform is used to propel partner schools to connect in order to provide online educational opportunities, support each other in providing more competitive learning opportunities over the next 2 years.

High Tech High Content English is a project that brings guided reading activities and online tools for self-directed learning,  leadership and cross- cultural collaboration and a common context to drive changes at the educational partner schools and public libraries from Moldova and Greece;

EL teachers provide an alternative to the hierarchical decision-making process in teaching and promote collaborative strategies that incorporate student voices.


Short Description

HTHCE aims to contribute to increase use of student driven learning, online tools and social media in the classroom along with the guided reading activities in English focusing on classic tales, Greek mythology, and online kids‘ magazines and blogs.

The project uses an educational platform to share teaching resources among teachers, encourage the learners to add their own content in an adaptive learning environment, improve learners’ and optionally parents’ feedback via online boards and focus group discussions.

Pupils and teachers from Moldova and Greece develop digital literacy and participate in guided reading activities and contests in a real and online classroom setting.

EL teachers and pupils will participate in an exchange visit at the partner school from Greece.

Using online tools and social media in the classroom will increase and potentially impact partner schools’ ability to engage students and motivate them to obtain better school results and will develop their motivation to learn, use self-directed learning and share more responsibility for their learning and their future personal and professional development path.


Important Dates & Upcoming events:

23 April 2018: launching the call for EL teachers, pupils and schools to join the project;

29 April- 1 May: Extracurricular activities in guided reading in a real classroom environment (Balti: 3 hours for each group of 10 pupils);

5-12 May 2018: Exchaneg visit at the 11th State Primary School from Piraeus, Greece, including guided reading activities and contests in a real and online classroom setting;

25 May 2018: launching an EL reader at the public library from Manuc Bey Museum, Hancesti. The event is organised in collaboration with the partner schools in the framework of the FELT School project 414-2015-2018, and the Council of Hancesti, Culture and Tourism Department.

1-15 June &

1-15 July 2018: Extracurricular activities in guided reading in an online classroom environment (15 hours for each participant);

Interested teachers, parents  having 4th and 5th form pupil’s may apply to the project.


Application Procedure.

In order to enroll in the project, interestde candidates should pay an enrollment fee of 115 MDL.

The payment order  should be claimed via the email at and is available on this link too:

You can easily make this payment at any branch of Victoriabank.

Important! if a teacher or a parent want to pay for more than one pupil, then all the pupil’s names should be mentioned in the payment order otherwise we will ask for additional confirmations from the persons who has made the payment regarding the pupils entitled to participate in the project.

The funds gathered from the enrollment fee will be used to cover printing cost of the ELT readers, administrative costs, as well as share the cost of 1-2 pupils and teachers who will participate in the exchange visit at teh partner school from Greece.

The participants will receive:

  • free guided reading activities,
  • the training pack for free,
  • free access to the online platform for 3 months,
  • free training on how to use the online tools,
  • certificate of participation for minimum 10 hours of training,
  • share the cost of 1-2 pupils and teachers who will participate in the exchange visit at the partner school from Greece minimum 70 % of the income from the enrollment fees.


Participants have to cover the travelling and pocket (meals) expenditures in order to come to the activities organised in Balti.

Participants interested to participate to the exchange visit and cover all the program expenditures by themselves have to pay a participation fee of 300 Euro. The participation fee is paied in MDL via the bank payment order.


Deadline for application.

Limited places available. First come, first served procedure.









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