Results of the exchange visit at a Greek school

In the period of 7-13 May 2018, Daniela Murgulet and 3 primary pupils from Moldova participated in an exchange visit which was hosted by  the 11th State Primary School from Piraeus, Greece.

20 teachers and a team of aproximatily 300 pupils have welcomed the Moldovan peers with songs, dances and activities in English.

During a one week intensive programme the pupils attended English lessons on guided reading activities, teambuilding activities targeted to raise awareness about cultural similarities and differences between the two countries, and sessions about 8 different Greek regions. The sessions were based on student- generated course content and relied on almost 6 months of planning activities guided by Mrs Maria Mexi, the English language teacher in collaboration with the colleague from the local school. One ELT reader was piloted in two target groups of Greek pupils and the draft of another ELT reader was discussed and revised as to be published soon.

The almost 300 Greek pupils involved in the project had worked hard under the supervision of Mrs. Trotis Dionyssia, the music teacher and Mrs. Bitsiou Panagiota, the physical education teacher to helped us feel the pride and joy of Greek people via the traditional Greek dances and songs. They made us feel as if we were at a great festival.

The cultural programme offered by the school with the kind approaval of Mrs Angeliki Martinou, the school headmaster, included  the Parthenon, the Acropolis museum, and the Archeological museum and a workshop on baking the Greek bread.

The exchange visit was organised in the farmework of two projects FELT School 414_2015 /2018 implemented with the financial support of the foundation “Liechtenstein Development Service” and HTHCE implemented with the own funds of the association Continuing Education Center.



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