Sail the seven seas with Rosa

Do you dream of sailing the seven seas? Fuel your imagination by joining the English activities organised by Rosa at FELT School.

English language skills, intercultural communication skills, Danish educational system, Danish fairy tales, travelling around the world and so much more. You can enjoy learn this from Rosa Rongsted.

Rosa Rongsted is a volunteer from Copenhaga, Denmark. She will be co-teaching English lessons and organising a diversity of activities for the very young learners and the primary learners in the period of 8 May- 8 June 2019.

Rosa Rongsted is talking about the Danish grading system, the Danish alphabet and her trips around the world. FELT School, 8 May 2019
Rosa and a target group of 2nd form pupils from G. Cosbuc High-School, from Balti. Rosa is answering questions about her and her country.

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