Volunteering and experincing Moldova from the view of a young Danish woman

I have had a great time organizing English activities with FELT School!

A thing that amazed me was seeing how enthusiastic the children were to show what they could do. They all wanted to be the first ones to read and retell. Also they found it very exiting to hear about Denmark and the differences between our two countries which surprised me given their young age.

We had different kinds of activities. Among other things we held several Pirate Parties and classes with pirate themes. We had pirate rhymes, games with coins and grammar, masks and pirate ship cakes. Again here it was interesting to draw parallels to Denmark by showing Danish coins and talking about Vikings.

With one group we had some pies and ice cream at La Placinte Restaurant while playing fun interactive games. It was very delightful to spend time with the children in a different environment than the classroom and mix school with fun and delicious food. Also I really enjoyed hearing the children speak English in their own words and practice usual relaxed coversation.

As an after school activity we went to Soroca. Here we saw traditional dances and costumes, and enjoyed a concert while eating traditional food and having the beautiful surroundings of the fortress. I found it rather amusing to dance around in big circles. The rain only made people more energetic.

Socialising with pupils at a local restaurant

Rounding up, it has been a wonderfull experience to volunteer at FELT School and I am very greatfull for the things I have come to know and for what the children, Daniela and her kids have taught me.

Thank you.


Rosa Kluver Rongsted.

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