Mulligatawny’s Mulligrubs by Geraldine Temple

We would like to express our gratitude to Geraldine Temple, a native English speaker who lives in Buckinghamshire, England for her kind contribution to our online project ‘Guided Reading in English’.

Geraldine Temple had initially written the story ‘Mulligatawny’s Mulligrubs’ for her children, but now she has kindly accepted our invitation and read this story on our Facebook page and is available for free to our community.

Here are the suggested interractive activities that will guide you in your reading. Happy learning!

Evocation: What do you usually do when you don’t feel very well?

Realization of Meaning:

Ex. 1 Listen to the story ‘Mulligatawny’s Mulligrubs’ presented by Geraldine Temple on our Facebook page ‘Guided Readign in English’ and write down the characters.

Ex. 2 Can you choose the correct word?

Ex. 3 Read the story here and write a 3-4 sentence summary.

Ex 4. Imagine the birds of the forest would like to send the message about the owl’s distress in a whispering voice. Read the story in a whispering voice as if you don’t want to wake up the baby birds.


Ex 6. Vocabulary worksheet (to be added soon)

How many words can you make with the letters in ‘Mulligatawny’?

How many rhymes can you make with ‘owl’?

Ex 7. Match the verbs (V1 &V2)

The online project ‘Guided Reading in English’ is implemented by the Association ‘Continuing Education Center’ from the Republic of Moldova. The team is working on a volunteering basis to develop this project. On December , 2019, the project has been awarded the second place as a digital project at the national conferences of teachers form Moldova.

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