Selected News – an international project for English learners.


We aim to improve students’ skills: reading, speaking and critical thinking skills, presentation and intercultural communication skills by reading online newspapers, magazines, blogs of both British and American press agencies as well as other international news agencies and by raising awareness about the culture of the English speaking countries and exchanging insights about their own culture.

Who can participate?

English language teachers and their students. Target group: 14-18 year old students.

Where do we meet?

We run our online sessions on Zoom.

How do we organise the sessions?

Suggested Activities

Reading articles or watching videos in English. (The article or the video can be assigned before the session.)

Playing vocabulary games

Discussing the news as a way of language and cultural input

Choosing the news to be covered in a simulated news program as part of a picture-based discussion

Presenting the News. Students pretend they are news reporters and present the news covered in the class. Optionally, one student could present a piece of news they would like us to read individually (as “investigative reporters”) and get ready to discuss it during the next session. Therefore, the students or the teachers can select either the topic or both the topic, the online source and the article.


lifestyle, healthy eating habits, sports, leisure activities, science, money, cultural events, education, weather forecast etc.

How to access the session?

All the teachers need to send us an email at and provide us the following information: name, institution, place, country, telephone number for whatapp or viber, email address.

We will get in touch with you to confirm the schedule. The information will also be updated on our site:

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