Flashcard Games for Primary Learners

The Odd one Out

Choose a flashcard set, e.g. jobs or toys and put them in a pile. Hide three cards from another flashcard set, e.g. school supplies, in the pile. Hold up each card in turn and pupils name each object. When you show the card that is not from this flashcard set, pupils say ‘Odd one out!’

Clever Parrot

We used to call our children parrots whenever they repeat things. So, here is how we can organize this activity. Hold up a flashcard and say a word. If the word is the same as the item on the card, the pupils repeat the word. If the word and the flashcard item are different, they say: ‘No, no, no’ and say the correct variant.

Flashcard Bingo

Draw a square on a sheet of paper. Then draw two lines horizontally and two lines vertically to get 9 squares. Ask the pupils to write or to draw the words that you tell them. Each student chooses the square where to write each word. When all the 9 words are written or drawn, you call out the words in random order. The children highlight their words as they hear them. The first student who gets three words in a line and shout Bingo is the winner.

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