Didactic Story: Nouns in -o that get -s in plural

Here is a story that will help the English learners remember the nouns that end in -o and get -s in plural.

The Filipinos came out of the studios where they had taken some photos and their new concertos. The concertos consisted of sopranos, two pianos and a guitar solo and all the drivers listen to it on their car radio the whole day through.

Then they googled two zoos and they went to see the biggest one because there were two kangaroos there. They were surprised when they saw a panda which seemed to weigh about 100 kilos and was eating bamboos. So, they took many photos and made many videos.

When they left the zoo, they went to a local church and enjoyed some oratorios. They realized the people were having a rehearsal of all the oratorios for Christmas. Moreover, they were astonished to see the people reading the oratorios from folios. Suddenly, they heard a strange noise and they glanced back over the shoulders. They saw two old men dressed in tuxedos, who were playing a game where commandos were training to make quick attacks.

I hope you enjoyed this story, as this is the next cameo for the famous actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

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