Didactic Story: Nouns in -o that get -s in plural

Here is a story that will help the English learners remember the nouns that end in -o and get -s in plural.

The Filipinos came out of the studios where they had taken some photos and their new concertos. The concertos consisted of sopranos, two pianos and a guitar solo and all the drivers listen to it on their car radio the whole day through.

Then they googled two zoos and they went to see the biggest one because there were two kangaroos there. They were surprised when they saw a panda which seemed to weigh about 100 kilos and was eating bamboos. So, they took many photos and made many videos.

When they left the zoo, they went to a local church and enjoyed some oratorios. They realized the people were having a rehearsal of all the oratorios for Christmas. Moreover, they were astonished to see the people reading the oratorios from folios. Suddenly, they heard a strange noise and they glanced back over the shoulders. They saw two old men dressed in tuxedos, who were playing a game where commandos were training to make quick attacks.

I hope you enjoyed this story, as this is the next cameo for the famous actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

Didactic Story (nouns ending in -o that get both -s and -es endings in plural)

Here is a story that will help the English learners remember

a) the nouns ending in -o, that get both -s and -es ending in plural, and namely: mosquitos- mosquitoes, grottos-grottoes, cargos- cargoes, tornados- tornadoes, volcanos- volcanoes, halos-haloes

b) nouns ending in -o that get -es in plural, and namely- heroes, potatoes, tomatoes, embargoes, echoes

Mosquitoes’ Travelling Journal

Once upon a time there were two mosquitoes that lived in small grottoes but had a passion for travelling. That is why they decided to hide on a cargo ship and travel on the Silk Road along with Marco Polo. It took them three years to get to China because the trip was very difficult and they had to face many tornadoes. In spite of this, they were constantly telling their babies how brave they had been to have overcome those challenges especially because they knew how to choose a safe shelter amid the cargoes.

Several generations of mosquitoes enjoyed the beauty of the Chinese gardens for several years but one day they found out that Marco Polo was getting ready to return to Italy. They gathered around the table and decided to delegate two mighty fellows that could travel back to the land of their ancestors and meet their cousins. So the mighty mosquitoes flew to the port, crept on Marco Polo’s ship and set off for Italy.

They reached the land safely but they didn’t write many stories about their journey. Their babies didn’t share any stories either. They kept only a travelling log where they wrote about the morning routine of two young sailors who used to kneel and pray every morning in front of two icons. They noted that one day haloes appeared around the angels’ heads and the sailors began to cry for joy. Soon after that, they have reached Sicily and took the icons with them when they left the ship.

Finally, the two mighty mosquitoes met their cousins who shared many stories about their ancestors. Many stories spoke about siblings who survived in grottoes near neighbouring volcanoes.


Some decades later, a large group of tiny mosquitoes wanted to travel on the Silk Road along with Christopher Columbus.  Unlike Marco Polo who set off from Italy, Christopher Columbus set off from Spain. Moreover, they headed a completely different direction and reached North America. Despite this, the tiny mosquitoes considered themselves heroes because they were the first ones to taste potatoes and signed an act claiming no one would ever put embargoes on importing potatoes.  They say there are echoes in the mosquitoes’ grottoes even today and you can hear them saying: ‘No embargoes on our potatoes! No embargoes on our tomatoes!’

I think many people enjoy the successful stories of these mosquitoes and learned their lesson on how to become heroes.