Planning Sessions for Joint Activities in 2018-2019

The Association “Continuing Education Center” is pleased to launch the planning session of the joint activities for the academic year 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.

Schools and educational projects,

teachers, students, groups of students, groups teachers, groups of parents

are invited to join our planning process.

Participating in the planning session is a manadtory process for organising activities togethre as well as for joining our activities.

The process last for 2 or 3 months, and finishes with a clear proposal of joint activities, excpected outcomes and means of verification that document that these results have been achieved. Then, these activities will be included in our aplication forms as we continue our fundraining initiatives (via grants, economical activities, paticipation fees, ect.)

Proposal can be related to 4 broad domains.

  • Teaching Eglish to Primary Learners
  • Teaching English for Gastronomy (esp. vocational schools)
  • Educational Marketing
  • Volunteering in ELT, ESP and organisational development.


Interested candidates and school representatives are kindly asked to submit a first proposal of activities via the email ( and provide a short description of


  1. the proposed activities
  2. or type of activities we are already organising and you’d be interested to apply. (We reccommend you to spend a few minutes on our blog and inform yourself about the activities we are organising on an annual basis.)

(2) type of financial contribution, if  available.

(3) period of the activity you are suggesting or you are applying

(4) your expectations and motivation to organise or to join the given activities and how they relate to our organisations’s values and annual activities.

We would like to mention that the planning process implies investing valuable time from the behalf of all the parties involved.

Some of the proposals need to be discussed with other partner institutions we are already working with that is why responding to an email may take from 1 week up to 2 weeks.

We aim to have an effective communication process that will ensure the success of the joint activities. Additional application forms might be required once we start the fundraising process.

The first approved activities wil be announced in June 2018.

Please follow our blog for more updates and detailed information.









Exchange Visit in Sicily

In the period 3-10 March 2018, a group of 9 people, consisting of English teachers, instructors and pupils from 4 professional schools from Moldova and representatives of the FELT School project, participated in the exchange visit at IPSSEOA “K. Wojtyla “, Catania, Italy.

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The teachers had the opportunity to improve their knowledge on gastronomy related topics and the ability to hold an ESP course, such as English for Gastronomy, by observing English lessons taught by experienced teachers from the host institution, holding a public lesson about Moldovan dishes, attending sessions and analysing samples of the English language tests used during the years 2016-2018 at IPSSEOA ,, K. Wojtyla “in the target groups of students from the 1st to the 5th year of study.

The students and Mrs. Liuba Baligari, instructor at the vocational school from Stefan Voda, had the opportunity to work in the partner school’s lab along with the students and the Italian chefs. On Tuesday, the 6th of March, they have attended a one day masterclass  organized by the Italian Chef’s Federation at IPSSEOA ,, K.Wojtyla “. The partner institution has also provided us the opportunity to make video recordings as well as photos that will later be used to develop didactic resources for the ESP course “English for Gastronomy”. The students have learnt how to cook many new dishes and they have mentioned that the dishes and sauces based on seafood products were the most unusual and the most interesting for them.

The fruitful collaboration between the Sicilian and Moldovan students was also facilitated by the host school’s initiative to accommodate students in the host families of students from IPSSEOA “K.Wojtyla”.

The activities organized during the exchange visit included gastronomic tours to an  local factory distributing oranges and producing orange juice, as well as a socio-cultural program in Catania, Taormina and Caltagirone, where teachers familiarized themselves with various aspects of Italian cuisine as well as the history and cultural treasure of Sicily.

The exchange visit was organized in the framework of the FELT School project with the financial support of Liechtenstein Development Service, the host institution IPSSEOA “K. Wojtyla”, Catania, the host families from Catania as well as the personal resources of people such as instructors or members of the Gastronomy Club for example, who are not part of the target group beneficiaries of the FELT School project but wanted to invest their own resources in their professional development.


Overview of the exchange visit of 3 teachers from Italy at the Moldovan VET Schools

The second week of the summer school ,,Teaching English at the Vocational Schools Specialized in Gastronomy” and the follow- up exchange visit of 3 teachers from IPSSEOA ,,K. Wojtyla”, Catania, Italy, took place in the period of 12 -16 September 2017.

Prof.ssa Anna Chiarenza, Prof. Mario Rinaldi and Prof. Carlo Ciaramidaro have visted the vocational schools from Stefan Voda, Cahul, Cupcini and the Center of Excellence in Food Processing Services from Balti.

The main activities of the programme included workshops of ESP methodology organised by Prof.ssa Anna Chiarenza in a group of 2-3 teachers from the vocational schools from Moldova and masterclasses on Sicilian dishes organised by Prof. Mario Rinaldi and Prof. Carlo Ciaramidaro.

The outputs of our ESP summer school and exchange visit include the following:

1 experienced English language teacher and 2 instructors from IPSSEOA “K. Wojtyla”, participated in the exchange visit at the 4 vocational schools from Moldova;

4 workshops on ESP methodology were organized by Prof.ssa Anna Chiarenza for the EL teachers from Moldova;

8 dishes have been prepared by Prof. Carlo Ciaramidaro and Prof. Mario Rinaldi and video resources have been made for the course “English for Gastronomy”;

66 pupils from 4 vocational schools from Moldova have attended 4 masterclasses on Sicilian Dishes (total 16 hours);

66 pupils learned new skills and prepared 8 Sicilian dishes;

The teachers from IPSSEOA ,,K.Wojtyla”, Catania, Italy, have participated in the feedback sessions and suggestions for improving our future exchange visits have been discussed;

The exchange visit of the English language teachers and pupils from the Moldovan VET schools to the IPSSEOA  ,,K. Wijtyla”  has been established for March 2018.

We would like to expand our gratitude to Prof.ssa Daniela di Pazza, headmaster of IPSSEOA ,,K.Wojtyla”, Catania, Italy, for the fruitful collaboration and support in the framework of the FELT School project and for approving the visit of 3 teachers from IPSSEOA ,,K.Wojtyla” at the vocational schools from Moldova.  We are pleased to point out to the high professionalism and personal qualities of the delegated teachers who have contributed to achieving the outputs of this exchange visit.

The FELT School project is implemented with the financial support of the Foundation ,,Liechtenstein Development Service”.




Bucate din Inima Siciliei

Involtini di spaghetti, caponata siciliana, cannoli, mousse di ricotta sunt doar primele bucate siciliene pregătite cu mult drag de dl. Mario Rinaldi și dl Carlo Ciaramidaro, profesori de la IPSSEOA ,,K Wojtyla”, Catania, Sicilia în perioada 12-13 septembrie a.c. la școlile profesionale din Republica Moldova.

Aceste bucate au fost scăldate în atenția elevilor, maistrilor și profesorlor de limba engleză de la școlile profesionale din Republica Moldova specializate în domeniul gastronomiei. Ulterior, profesorii de limba engleză au participat la seminare privind integrarea resurselor CLIL și înregistrărilor video în cadrul cursului de limba engleză organizat ca parte a curriculei în școala pe care o reprezintă. Aceste seminare au fost promovate de dna Anna Chiarenza, profesoară de limba engleză și coordonator de proiecte educaționale la IPSSEOA ,,K. Wojtyla”, Catania, Italia.


Bucatele au fost pregătite în cadrul sesiunilor de masterclass privind bucatele siciliene organizate la Centrul de Excelență în Servicii și Prelucrarea Alimentelor din Bălți și la Școala Profesională din Ștefan Vodă. Organizatori au avut posibilitatea să efectueze înregistrări video în cadrul sesiunilor de masterclasss care ulterior vor fi utilizate pentru a efectua resurse didactice pentru cursul ,,Limba Engleză pentru Gastronomie”.

Aceste activități sunt orgaizate în cadrul proiectului FELT School  nr 414_2015/2018 cu suportul financiar al Fundației ,,Serviciul de Dezvoltare din Liechtenstein”.

Școala de vară va continua și în luna septembrie

În perioada 20-25 august 2017 a avut loc prima etapă a școlii de vară ,,Predarea Limbii Engleze în Școlile Profesionale Specializate în Domeniul Gastronomiei”.  Participanții școlii de vară au fost profesorii de limba engleză și a câte 2 elevi de la cele 4 instituții partenere: Centrul de Excelență în Servicii și Prelucrare a Alimentelor din mun. Bălți, Școala Profesională din Cupcini, Școala Profesională din Ștefan Vodă, Școala Profesională nr 1 din Cahul.

Elevii au participat la lecții publice de limba engleză, sesiuni de evaluare a resureslor didactice elaborate pentru cursul ,,Limba Engleză pentru Gastronomie”, ateliere gastronomice conduse de maiștrii bucătari, dna Liuba Băligari, Școala Profesională din Ștefan Vodă, și dnul Petru Guțu, Școala Profesională din Cupcini, activități de teambuilding.

În cadrul sesiunilor de evaluare elevii au ales să ia în geantă cu ei și să ,,ducă” colegilor la școală următoarele resurse didactice: fișele didactice, metodele interactive de predare a vocabularului, filmele tematice, evaluările online și evident activitățile de teambuilding.

Ei au apreciat deasemenea atelierele gastronomice organizate la școala profesională din Cupcici și la Restaurantul Oliva din mun. Bălți, și au venit cu sugestii de îmbunătățire a atelierelor organizate în bucătăria comunitară, în special echiparea lor cel puțin pe parcursul școlii de vară cu ustensilele profesionale necesare.

Elevii au participat deasemenea la elaborarea de noi resurse didactice prin efectuarea de fotografii tematice și înregistrări video în cadrul școlii de vară, în special în cadrul atelierelor gastronomice. Drept rezultat, 7 înregistrări video au fost elaborate în limba română și în limba engleză. toate aceste resurse didactice contribuie la îmbunătățirea procesului de predare a limbii engleze în școlile profesionale, partenere în cadrul proiectului FELT School.

Prin votul închis al elevilor și profesorilor, un elev de la Școala Profesională din Ștefan Vodă, Sergiu Cucoș, a fost recrutat pentru a participa la vizita de schimb de experiență de la IPSSEOA K Wojtyla, Catania, Italia.

Toți elevii care au participat la școala de vară vor avea acces la cursul online de limba engleză pentru gastronomie pe parcursul anului de studiu 2017-2018, și vor avea oportunitatea să pergătească bucate siciliene alături de maiștri bucătari de la IPSSEOA K Wojtyla, Catania, Italia care vor vizita toate 4 instituții partenere în perioada 11-18 septembrei 2017.