Working with FELT at the School for Orphan Children in Balti

Working with FELT at the School for Orphan Children in Balti was a very memorable experience. The children were all so eager to learn and participate in the activities.

The children were excited to learn new vocabulary about parts of the body and they quickly memorized several new words and their meanings. This was a nice lead-in to the jazz chant about a sick child who feels terrible. By the end of the jazz chant, all the students were singing along.

They were responsive to the pop-up book activity during which they were encouraged to notice problems with the teacher’s reading of the text and to firmly and appropriately ask the teacher to read differently. Then, the students themselves finished telling the pop-up story in Russian.

The bubble activity was a very fun change of pace for the students. As the bubble song played in the background, they were encouraged to catch the bubbles without touching each other.

It was a pleasure to interact with the kids, and I am looking forward to visiting the school again as soon as possible.

David Norton

English Language Fellow

Alecu Russo University

Balti, Moldova

Teaching journalism to curious students

Lindsay Toler, a journalist and Peace Corps volunteer, shares her experience teaching as part of IEW 2010.

Today, I helped the FELT School teach vocabulary and grammar about journalism to nine students. As a working journalist, I loved showing the students how to talk in English about the work I do.

Because this week is dedicated to international exchange, I focused on my work in London with the Associated Press and in China covering artistic gymnastics for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games.

My favorite part of teaching was watching the students get more and more excited as I told them stories about my travels. My teaching partner Daniela said she could see understanding dawning in our students’ eyes as I pointed out in my presentation the vocabulary we’d been learning that day – bylines, headlines, captions, etc.

To see more about my journalism or to ask questions, find me at

St.Valentine’s Day at FELT School

The lesson on St. Valentine’s Day given by Daniela Murguleț on 12 February 2010 to a group of first- and second- year students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of Alecu Russo Bălți University within the framework of FELT School program was a lively informative and communicative lesson with a lot of various activities.  The students enjoyed the experience and many of them expressed their desire to join the project.

The FELT School project gives the students an excellent opportunity to enhance their teaching potentials and become active citizens in their communities. But above all, this experience is a good school of humanity and compassion.

Lara Aladina,

Senior Lecturer,

English Language Department

Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures

A. Russo Balti State University