OZCOT invites you to the Online Drama Club

Dear teachers,

We would like to invite you to play the key role of Wizards and Good Witches and join our Online Drama Club called Ozcot.

You could help us tremendously by making a 2-5 minute audio or video recording or even live in our Online Drama Club.

You could be the Wizard of Oz travelling in the hot-air balloon telling us where you have recently landed and sharing with us some information about that place. It could be a monument, a park, or even a central square with its Christmas decorations.

You could as well be Dorothy who has seen different interesting places on her way to the Palace of Oz.

Even your children or your pupils could be Dorothy, the Tin Woodman, the Lion, wearing green glasses in the Palace of Oz and reading the related dialogues from the script we provide. They can speak in a different voice for each character by looking for clues that describe the character’s voice and body language but the most important input they will bring will be letting children hear English and enjoy different accents as pupils from different countries read the same dialogue.

Who are we?

The association ‘Continuing Education Center’ aims to contribute to improving the ELT process in the Republic of Moldova. Our main focus is teaching English to primary learners and teaching English at the vocational schools specialized in gastronomy.

The main projects targeted to improve teaching English to primary learners are FELT School and Guided Reading in English.

Some detailed information about the programme ‘Guided Reading in English’.

We value guided reading as an efficient method of English language learning and personal development.

We nourish children’s love of reading in English and inspire them to improve their English skills by becoming a presenter of the programme Bedtime Stories as they start reading books, then join our Roald Dahl Storytelling Club once they have read and retold 5 books, and finally join our Online Drama Club once they have read and retold from 10 to 20 books and are ready to follow their heart and discover their courage along with the characters of the plays.

We empower parents to create unforgettable memories and cherished moments while reading books together, playing vocabulary and reading comprehension games or listening with bewilderment to the children as they act in plays.

Current Activities organised as part of the Online Drama Club

It has become a tradition to perform Christmas plays and share the joy of the winter holidays with the children.

This year we are working on the performance of the play based on the book ‘The Wizard of Oz’ by L. F. Baum.

At some point we felt a strong need to share what we are doing with other teachers and children, invite other children, parents and teachers to see our children’s performance and we have also realized there are so many children in Moldova (both in our villages and in our towns) who “feel stuck in the grey Kansas” and wonder how the people in other lands live, just the same as Dorothy does before visiting the Land of Oz. This is how we came up to the idea of the Online Drama Club of Magic Wizards and Good Witches.

We would like to help children who ‘feel stuck in the grey Kansas’, see what life is like somewhere over the rainbow…, as the song goes, as well as help them reflect upon the differences, similarities as well as daily local life of people from different villages, towns, countries and hopefully realize how happy they can be at home, how wonders can happen even when you are at home by enjoying the power of the words, storytelling and and role playing in an online drama club.

Teachers, parents and pupils can play the key role of wizards, good witches, and other characters by contributing to performing as part of our Online Drama Club.


We will share the script of the play and other resources via our Facebook page Guided Reading in English and closed group OZCOT Online Drama Club.

Recognition of your contribution

All the teachers will receive an e-certificate of participation
and we thank you in advance for helping the children still believe in in Magic Wizards and Good Witches. The certificates will be sent in January 2020.

Steps to make this project a dream come true

If you are eager to help us to fulfill this dream, please (1) like and follow our Facebook page Guided Reading in English and (2) join our group OZCOT Online Drama Club.

(3) Choose who will make the video or audio presentation: either you as a teacher or you pupils/ your children. Teachers who want to make a video recording themselves can skip the next steps. Please find the teacher’s handout in the group (Facebook page Guided Reading in English> group OZCOT Online Drama Club).

(4) Choose the part of the script you wish to record.

(5) Read the play and discuss it with the children so that they understand the characters, the sequence of events and the meaning of this project.

(6) Rehearse the selected part to make sure the children feel comfortable reading or role playing the given part.

(7) Plan the time and the setting (in the classroom, in the center of the village or town, next to an important place in your location, etc.) This is a key element which will help the children from Moldova (and hopefully from different other countries as well) visit your place via your video and get to know some interesting information about it!!!

(8) The Mission:) Make the recording and upload it in our group OZCOT Online Drama Club.

(9) Keep an eye on us, let’s appreciate the contributions and share the videos with our pupils!


As Dorothy wishes to get home for Christmas, we think that the 25th of December is a reasonable deadline, although we will gladly accept recording by the 31st of January. Our primary learners will be performing in front of their parents on the 8th of December and we will be honored to share our version. So, keep an eye on our page and our Online Drama Club:)


Some resources are available via the link from our Google drive. If you do not have a Google account, feel free to let us know and we will send you the information via the email.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to leave us a message.

Looking forward to seeing you in our online club and sharing more details with you.

Contact data

Person: Daniela Murgulet, project coordiantor

Email: daniela.murgulet@feltschool.net

Atelier de lucru: Jocul Didactic în Limba Engleză

Duminică, 20 octombrie 2019, elevii claselor a doua care studiază limba engleză sunt invitați la un atelierul de lucru gratuit unde vor învăța cum să învețe mai ușor și mai eficient vocabularul tematic în limba engleză utilizând jocul didactic. Părinții pot deasemenea asista sau participa la activitate.

Activitatea va fi promovată la sediul nostru pe adresa str. Sf Nicolai 1/26. Înscierea la activitate este obligatorie și poate fi făcută la numărul de telefon 06 99 06 154 până sâmbătă, la ora 15:00.

Jocul didactic asigură învățarea vocabularului și structurilor gramaticale în formă interactivă și ca rezultat crește implicarea volitivă a elevilor în procesul de studiere a limbii engleze. Astfel profesorii și părinții asigură însușirea eficientă a cunoștințelor precum și educarea la copii a unor atitudini emoționale pozitive față de studierea acestui obiect.

Structura jocului asigură repetarea materialului nou și ajută la memorizarea eficientă a acestuia fără ca elevii să fie nevoiți să memorizeze cuvintele pe de rost. Evitați învățarea mecanică deoarece această strategie duce la demotivarea copiilor și pieredrea interesului față de limba engleză.

O serie de 20 de seturi de fișe didactice la limba engleză sunt disponibile în cadrul proiectului FELT School. Seturile de fișe formează un sistem complex de jocuri care sunt inetgrate în procesul de predare-învățare a limbii engleză în clasele a 1-a și a 2-a, exercitând o influiență foarte pozitivă asupra procesului de instruire.

Efortul intelectual al elevului crește deoarece este sprijinit de angajarea sa emoțională și dorința de a se evidenția, de a fi apreciat de colegi, de a câștuiga puncte pentru competențele sale de ascultare reciprocă și colaborare, de a câștiga sau de a pierde si a se bucura pentru succesul altor copii în cadrul unei runde a jocului.

Sporirea treptată a gradului de complexitate a conținutului jocurilor și seturilor de fișe didactice, atât a vocabularul cât și a structurilor gramaticale, coincide cu cerințele programei școlare și oferă oportunități de a ajusta procesul de învățare la necesitățile copilului.

Seturile au fost deja pilotate cu succes in peste 15 școli din diverse raioane din Republica Moldova.