Are you a teacher? These Q&A are for you!

I have been brought up in a culture where there was a powerful association between a teacher and knowledge in general. Later, I became a teacher myself and began questioning how to share my knowledge and help the learners improve their English skills. I worked as a university lecturer for 10 years and I had […]

Bobocei Poligloți cu Inimă de Leu

La data de 25 mai 2018 a avut loc sesiunea de evaluare a programului de internship ,,Predarea Limbii Engleze în Clasele Primare”. La eveniment au participat 15 profesori de limba engleză din raioanele Hîncești, Leova, Cantemir, Nisporeni, Briceni, Soroca,  40 de elevi ai claselor a 1-a de la 3 instituții din or. Hîncești, 40 de […]

Evaluarea Criterială prin Descriptori

La data de 30 aprilie 2018 9 profesori de limba engleză din 8 instituții școlare din raioanele Briceni, Soroca, Ungheni, Leova și Cantemir au participat la un atelier de lucru privind evaluarea criterială prin descriptori. În următoarele două săptămâni profesorii vor integra un set de fișe didactice în cadrul lecțiilor de limba engleză organizând evaluarea […]

High Tech High Content English

The association ”Continuing Education Center” is pleased to announce the call for participants to our new course HTHCE- High Tech High Content English! Target group: 5th and 6th form pupils Time: Every Saturday, from 4pm till 6pm Place: FELT School Office   Bring your smatphones, laptops or other devices we will show you how you […]

Thank you letter for the fruitful collaboration in organizing an exchange visit of Italian teachers and students at the VET schools from Moldova

Dear headmasters, teachers and students, I greatly appreciate the approval of collaboration from the behalf of the headmasters from the three partner institutions, and namely Dott.ssa Daniela Di Piazza, headmaster at IPSSEOA ,,K. Wojtyla”, Catania, Mrs. Sivia Proțiuc, headmaster at the Center of Excellence in Food Processing Services from Balti, and Mrs. Violeta Camerzan, headmaster […]

Thank you letter to all the teachers and students from IPSSEOA “K. Wojtyla”, Catania

  Dear Dott.ssa Daniela Di Piazza: I would like to thank you for the job shadowing and the professional development  opportunities offered to the group of 9 persons from Moldova during our exchange visit to IPSSEOA “K. Wojtyla”, Catania, Italy in the period of 3-10 March 2018. We owe a great debt of gratitude to […]

Exchange Visit in Sicily

In the period 3-10 March 2018, a group of 9 people, consisting of English teachers, instructors and pupils from 4 professional schools from Moldova and representatives of the FELT School project, participated in the exchange visit at IPSSEOA “K. Wojtyla “, Catania, Italy. The teachers had the opportunity to improve their knowledge on gastronomy related […]